Cheltenham 10km Race For Life – I did it!

Me + running 10km = never been done before! I don’t run anywhere (except around in circles after my little boy!) and as I was signing up to take part in the 10km Cheltenham Race For Life event in aid of Cancer Research, I knew I was giving myself a challenge!

My training started about 12 weeks before the event. It wasn’t the most enthusiastic of training regimes, but, at least I was getting out there and running further each time I trained!

It was a beautiful clear morning in July and thousands turned out for the event – it was a sea of bright pink everywhere. Although the atmosphere was buzzing and happy, what struck me most were the signs on all the runners backs “I race for life for…” followed by what people wanted to share. It really struck home how many people are affected by cancer, either themselves or through family or friends being diagnosed. For me, I was running in memory of my dad, Justin’s mum, friend’s parents and for a very brave woman called Naomi Thomas the founder of The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation and who is fighting hard now.

There was a minutes silence before the race. It was a heartfelt moment where I remembered those who have lost their battle with cancer and also hoped for a brighter future for those living with cancer.

A few iPhone snap shots below:

I was very proud to complete the run in just under 1 hour 15 minutes and felt quite worthy of my medal at the end! Race For Life is a great event to be a part of – its gets you fit and you most importantly raise money and awareness for a very worthy cause – Cancer Research.

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