A Humanist Wedding Ceremony in Gloucestershire

Alix + Ollie’s wedding was beautiful, elegant, full of love and also included quite a few tears of joy – mainly from Ollie!

When we arrived Maria from Sorori Design Florist and Lauren Grey Wedding Stylist were hard at work in the marquees bringing Alix and Ollie’s vision alive. When speaking with Alix she said the colour theme for their wedding came to her quite quickly and when researching on Pinterest she was drawn to gold and peach ideas. Alix then went on to talk about her flowers ‘I’ve always loved orchids and my mum had hanging Singapore orchids in her bouquet so I wanted to mirror that in my wedding – our bouquets were virtually identical. The remaining flowers I left to my florist who matched them into the theme – she was amazing!”


The talented Jessica Mills created Alix’s beautiful makeup and Nando Lopez from the Richard Ward Salon in Sloane Square created her gorgeous hairstyle. I asked Alix about her beautiful wedding dress and she explained ‘my dress was bespoke – designed by myself and my mum with the help of fashion designer Melissa Antonious who is based in Cheltenham.’

We worked alongside the talented photographer Steve Richardson and Alix chose this photo below as her favourite – just look at that stunning dress!

Neither Alix nor Ollie are religious and after none of the venues they visited felt quite right, they then thought about marrying in the family home. Alix explained ‘the logistics of making it legal were too difficult so we decided on a humanist ceremony – they are legal in Scotland and all my Scottish cousins had them and I loved them. So the decision was made that we marry legally a few days before in a registry office and then have a Humanist ceremony in the garden – it worked perfectly for us. We kept the registry office bit really simple – just legal statements and signing of the register so as to take away from the main wedding.’ It was the first humanist wedding we have had the honor of being a part of and we really noticed how personal it was to Alix and Ollie. Their Humanist celebrant Zena Birch gave a very personal and friendly service for them and it’s her voice that features in the beginning of our film.

I asked Alix what advice she would give to future brides and she offered ‘to take the time and enjoy the planning because although it can be stressful you do miss it once it’s over.’ Alix went on to say ‘plan the small things well but don’t worry about it on the day as nobody notices!’

When asked what the best things are about having a wedding film Alix explained ‘re-living the day, watching parts of the day you missed and seeing everyone again on film. After watching my own film I think it would be just awful not to have one!!’

We really enjoyed playing a part in Alix and Ollie’s wedding day and we’re delighted to share their wedding highlights film with you..enjoy!

Alix + Ollie Wedding Highlights
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