From Dubai to Curradine Barns!

We have a real treat here for you today – another real wedding post kindly written for us by one of our lovely clients. Fiona + Guy are currently living in Dubai and they organised their stunning UK wedding whilst living overseas. Make sure you watch their film at the bottom of this post, it’s one of our favourites!

My vision for the wedding was quite a classic look but with a very organic feel – think lots of overgrown greenery and a relaxed atmosphere. We were married in the beautiful Baroque church at Witley Court which is quite a formal setting, with the reception at the more relaxed Curradine Barns, so we tried to marry the two. Luckily for me one of my bridesmaids is a wonderful stylist and runs ‘Lace in the Desert’ so she kept me on track and had lots of wonderful ideas.

We looked at several venues around the Worcester area but immediately fell in love with Curradine Barns. It was extremely close to both Guy’s house and the church which made logistics a dream, but it was the warmth and flexibility of the staff that really sold it to us; nothing was too much trouble and they really do make your vision and your wedding feel special even though they must do hundreds a year given their popularity. They took all of the stressful elements off our hands and ensured that the run up to the wedding and the day itself was totally stress-free for us! They also had good disabled access which we required.

After a fair few Pinterest sessions I realized that I totally loved the very organic, overgrown look when it came to flowers. Lots of greenery! In fact I chose not to have any flowers at all for my maids, just huge bouquets of foliage. Eucalyptus and Olive tones ran throughout for a beautiful silvery green palette. My bouquet was made of peonies and roses, but again with lots of foliage for a more organic look rather than traditional bridal. Jane at Long Barn Flowers was absolutely amazing in bringing the vision to life, I can’t recommend her enough! Jane also made a beautiful foliage backdrop for the wall in the Wedding Breakfast room, which was a bit of a blank canvas, as well as draping the stairs in lots of foliage and flowers in-keeping with our look.  She also suggested beautiful rose plants to present to our mothers rather than the traditional bouquets, so they could be planted in the garden and serve as a reminder of our wedding day for years to come.

Our photographs were very important to us so I did a lot of research. Our photographer, Paul Willetts, was actually one of the vendors that came highly recommended by the barns and we were not disappointed. Paul’s laid back style suited us and we even met up for an engagement shoot a few months before the wedding to get a feel for the kind of shots we wanted on the day. He has been a dream to work with and great communication and flexibility has really made the whole process very easy. We have hundreds of absolutely stunning shots of our wedding day that we will treasure for many years to come!

My dress was by Helen Miller Bridal and was bought from Vanila Boutique in Dubai, where we live. I always knew that I wanted long sleeves and lace as I wanted quite a classic look that would work well with the very ornate church and that I would still love in ten/twenty years’ time, nothing too trendy!

We always knew we wanted a wedding film and it was a non-negotiable item for me – my parents had one (on old school VHS!) and we loved watching it as children. As much as I adore photographs, there is just something so so special about seeing it all in motion. You really do capture the day in a way that static pictures just can’t. Alison and Justin from Vogue Wedding Films were absolutely amazing and one of the nicest vendors we worked with. They were friendly yet professional and their excellent communication pre and post wedding ensured everything ran smoothly. On the day itself, they were discreet and unobtrusive yet still managed to capture so much amazing footage! The USB and DVDs we ordered all came exquisitely packaged and the films were wonderfully edited and set to beautiful music that I now constantly hum to myself. We have already watched it dozens of times, alone and with friends, and my mum has it on constant repeat! Haha! It was one of the more expensive items in our budget but I am a firm believer in ‘you get what you pay for’ and it is absolutely worth every penny!

It is so hard to choose a memorable moment from a day that is start to finish full of them! From the fun getting ready with our maids/ushers  in the morning, to the vows and church ceremony, having all our favourite people in the world under one roof, the hilarious speeches and dancing the night away! What really stands out in my memory is that moment at the end of it all, when it’s all over and people are drifting home and you slip off and it’s just the two of you – after such a chaotic day it was just so nice to be alone. I had dozens of buttons so Guy had to help me out of my dress and we were finding confetti absolutely everywhere, which was hilarious!

For couples planning a wedding now I would say make sure you just enjoy the day! Remember what is actually important and don’t worry about anything that doesn’t go to plan, just let it go! It’s too late to change it, and no one will notice anyway. In saying that, I LOVE planning and my spreadsheet was my best friend in the months leading up to the wedding – if you put all the hard work into the planning and making sure everything is confirmed and reconfirmed, you can just forget it all on the day and enjoy yourselves!
A huge thank you to Fiona for taking the time to write this post, we hope you find it useful! You can take a look at their film here.. Enjoy!

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