Celebrating Your Postponed Wedding Lockdown Style


We’re all living in very surreal times at the moment with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing much of the world to a standstill. Most of our couples have now decided to postpone their weddings, which must be so heart breaking for them given all the time, energy and of course costs involved with organising their special day.

I was curious to know if our couples were still going to mark their original wedding day at home, and my intrigue was answered when I saw via Instagram, that our Friday 1st May 2020 couple, Victoria + Zac, still chose to celebrate their original wedding day by having a lockdown ‘un-wedding’ as they named it, and by all accounts it was an amazing day for them! It warmed my heart so much, to see them both smiling and clearly enjoying their day at home lockdown style, that I asked if they would be kind enough to share their story on our blog.. It’s a story that I hope will bring a smile to you through everything that’s going on at the moment, and it’s a reminder to us all, that love always conquers!


It was around 7 weeks prior to our original wedding date of 1st May 2020, that we 100% confirmed with our venue, Caswell House, that we would like to postpone our wedding. Caswell House had contacted us a few weeks prior to get a ‘plan B’ date in the dairy, but we were still hopeful at this point that our wedding would go ahead and so were they – this was just before the lockdown. When we talked to the venue about a plan B, we contacted our registrar, wedding insurance, caterers, videographer, photographer, band and florist and they were all amazingly helpful said they would put the new date in the diary and to let them know if we will definitely be postponing as soon as we could.

Deciding to postpone our wedding wasn’t an easy decision to make. At the time, there was so much uncertainty around if weddings would be allowed to go ahead, and if they could go ahead, we were worried that some of our closest family and friends may not be able to attend. These worries helped us make the final decision to move our wedding date and also my dress and Zac’s suit were still in their shops in London which we couldn’t travel to. I must admit, those few weeks of uncertainty were a little stressful and upsetting, as we just didn’t know what was going to happen. However, once we had made the decision to postpone our wedding, we both felt much happier, more settled and excited for our new date; it was the uncertainty that was the hardest part and of course, now, we are very glad we did!

We confirmed the change of date with our suppliers and luckily, they were all free on our new date. It was all so much less stressful than you would imagine moving a wedding would be, but we also know we were lucky that all of our amazing suppliers could move to this new date too.

Once we had moved the date and confirmed with all of our suppliers, we then had little ‘postponed wedding date’ cards made for us by a lovely lady on Instagram that was doing them free of charge for people who had sadly needed to move their wedding. She sent it over via email and we then emailed, WhatsApp’d and Facebook messaged these out to all of our guests. We decided it wasn’t necessary to send new invitations out via post; we just wanted to let everyone know our new plan as soon as we could. I think most of our guests knew our wedding would have to be postponed and they were just waiting to hear from us to get this confirmed. Our guests responded almost straight away, and they were very lovely, supportive and excited for our plan B. As one of my best friends said to me ‘I always knew you were better than May’.

This same best friend has also made our wedding order of the day and welcome signs, using vinyl on giant white boards, so I’m sure she is more than happy to change the date for us on the welcome sign. Luckily, we haven’t had anything else personalised with our May wedding date on, so nothing has been wasted. Although, we do have 3 little flower girls in 3 lovely little dresses and shoes that we bought for them in February, so I have asked very nicely that all 3 of them (age 1, 4 and 7) don’t grow in the next 4 months….haha!

We also sadly had to cancel our honeymoon to Bali and Singapore, but we’re hoping to rebook that for next year with the assistance of our friend who always helps us plan our bespoke holidays..he is amazing!

When we first decided to postpone, I wasn’t sure how we would spend our original wedding date of Friday 1st May, but I knew I wanted to do something and not just sit around. We’re both unable to work at the moment due to the lockdown, so we already have to make sure that we keep ourselves as motivated and busy as we can. There is lots of painting of walls, home workouts and movie nights at the moment! So I made a bit of a plan in my head for the 1st May and had a rough idea of what we could do, and decided we would have an un-wedding day at home instead.

As a surprise for Zac, I set the table to look a little like what our wedding breakfast table will look like, with fake flowers, confetti, candles, name places and hubby & wifey champagne glasses I bought for us both, which we can use again on the wedding day too. We then made our favourite brekkie together, opened our magnum of Veuve Clicquot we were saving for the wedding day (you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning!) and had a relaxing morning together before slowly getting ready.

It really was a lovely morning! It felt a little like our birthdays as we were so lucky to receive a couple of cards in the post, along with some beautiful post box flowers, a gorgeous plant, homemade brownies and an amazing hamper full of goodies from some of our best friends which was hand delivered by 2 of them.  They had a quick socially distanced glass of champagne with us and they kindly also took a few photos too – they were our un-wedding photographers for a quick 10 minutes! We were spoilt more than I ever could have imagined!

Zac also contacted our wedding florist and ordered me a huge bouquet of the flowers that we’re going to have on our wedding day, they’re lush – he’s so cute.

At 2pm, we had a fizz and nibbles Zoom date planned with about 25 of our best friends. They all dressed up too.. well.. dressed up for a wedding on the top half and dressed in their pj bottoms or boxers on their bottom halves – it was such a funny idea. Our friend Mark, who is going to be our celebrant on our wedding day, introduced us into the Zoom call; he is hilarious and always makes everyone laugh. We all then played a wedding quiz that I had planned and we asked our friends lots of questions about us to see who knew us better, and that seemed to go down really well. We also had a confetti cannon moment, we did lots eating, lots of catching up and we all had such a fun and silly afternoon.

The Zoom chat lasted much longer than I thought it would, with friends dipping in and out of the call and even we even had to leave the call ourselves at 6pm, to have a cocktail making Zoom catch up with our families. When we finished chatting to family at around 8pm, our friends messaged to say that they were still on the Zoom call and that we should jump back on – we ended up finishing at around midnight with 7 of us left and we were all quite tipsy!

It was so so so much more fun than I could have imagined. It was a perfect day and there were a few sore heads the next morning, just as there should be after a wedding. Our friends and family all seemed to love it too; it gave them something to look forward to and a reason to dress up a little. It may be the first and only ever Zoom un-wedding day we all experience.

I would definitely recommend to other couples who have had to postpone their wedding, to do something like we did because it really was an amazing day even though we were in lockdown. My advice would be to have a plan – make your favourite breakfast, or order takeaway, have a Zoom date with family and friends, make up a wedding quiz, make cocktails together, set up your room with decorations, pop open the champagne and get dressed up. We did all of this and it filled our day perfectly. We even watched a wedding film the night before with a giant bowl of popcorn and bottle of red.
Now just 4 months to go until the bigger and better real thing!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Victoria for taking the time to write such a detailed account of how they still marked the occasion of their original wedding date. It’s been so lovely reading how love can still be celebrated whilst  staying safe at home. Thank you also for sending through all of the photos above.

We cannot wait to film your wedding day plan B later this year!

Alison x